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What You Probably Didn’t Know About Green wall
Green wall
You have heard and read some much about Green wall and having one in your home is something you are now giving some serious thoughts. However, being something you haven’t tried before you are now combing through several places looking for more valuable information on this trend. Well, to get you started, here is all you need to know about Green walls.

What is Green wall?
Also known as vertical garden or simply bio wall, a green wall is a garden that grow vertically and exist both on interior or exterior of a building. More often, the system comes with a growing medium that is encased by a very strong membrane holding the plants in while allowing for plant growth and irrigation.

Types of Green walls
Climbing facades
Probably one of the most popular, one easy way to establish a Green wall is to mimic the Mother Nature with the use simple climbing plants.Plants are usually established right at the ground or in suitable troughs right at the base of the area to be covered. It is after this that you can attach a sort of framework to the area to be covered for your plants to climb up and provide your wall with its green covering. To help plants climb up the wall, severalsystems have been designed some of them being trellises, wire mesh frames and steel cables among others.

Modular living walls
Although this system used is more sophisticated than climbing facades, the final installation usually offer a more flexible solution in terms of functionality and aesthetic. There are hybrid solutions that exist, but the techniques are based around two main groups; hydroponic and Substrate.
a) Hydroponic
           Also known as soil less system, with this technique, plants are grown without any soil. Many at times, hydroponic system are usually grown on pre constructed panels before the vertical installation is done. A specialist growing medium is then used to offerroot support. Once the system is put in placeyour plants will continue to grow eventually covering up the structure.
b) Substrate/ soil based
          With this, molded troughs or containers attached to the existing walls are used. Planting is often supported by soil based substrates just like that used in green roofing

Why Your Need To Consider Green walls ?
While applications do vary in size depending largely on your desires effect, available space and budget, they all come with common benefits to the homeowner. Here are to reasons whyGreen walls is becoming very popular

Aesthetic appeal
This, obviously, is one of the main reasons why many people are now embracing Green walls. This type of wall can transform that dull house into an alluring and inviting home.

Reduced building maintenance
If you normally spend hundreds of dollars every single year just to make sure your home exterior look at its best; well, this type of wall is what you should be going for next. Green walls can help protect the exterior finishes and the masonry from rain and other harmful external effects. The also increase the air tightness and seal of the windows and doors by decreasing the effects of wind pressure.

Building structure protection
Lastly, did you know that a Green wall is not only meant for aesthetic purposes? It also offers building protection by helping control climate. The planting on the wall prevent dramatic temperature fluctuations which in turn prevent your building from corrosion. Amazing isn’t?

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