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Wall planters- vertical gardening ideas

Vertical gardens have gained popularity in the present world due to the varied possibility it provides in planting plants in a small space area and also because of the beautiful look and feel it gives to any given building small or big, private or commercial spaces Living wall

Living walls and planters

With the upsurge of space crunch people now are turning to vertical garden ideas which help them plant plants on the walls of a building, indoors and outdoors, on the roofs and space crammed balconies. These vertical gardens are highly beneficial to the people living or working there as these gardens not only increase the aesthetic values of the buildings but also help in keeping the temperature of the buildings substantially down. They are soothing to the eyes and help in improving the air quality of the place. There are many types of wall planters available in the market in various shapes and sizes which help in creating the vertical gardens.

Kinds of wall planters

Green wall People can hang felt like pouches on their walls with the help of metal grommets and screws. These durable planters are made of recycled materials and are long lasting planters. They can be either watered manually or through automatic water recycling systems depending on the height they are fitted into. 

Another type of wall mounted planters are stand-alone units in which different small mud pots can be hung up vertically with the help of wired nets which are fixed on a wooden frame. 

People can also use there vertical furniture units like dressers and crests to create vertical gardens as plants planted on these give a flowing waterfall effect.

One of the most space utilization vertical garden set-ups is by using hanging planters which are made of wooden planks on which the plant pots are placed. The wooden planks have openings in them so that the pots do not fall or shift from their place. 

The most popular type of vertical garden planters which are preferred by the garden enthusiasts is the minimalist planters which enhance the aesthetic look of the building as they provide a neat and clean look. These planters are made up of wooden boxes and are attached to the side walls of a building

Understanding Wall planters

A wall planter is a container which holds a plant in place. There are different types of planters available in the market and wall planter too is a plant container which can be mounted on the walls. The frames of these planters are made of wood mostly and in some cases are made of concrete and metal and they give a feeling of walking through the forests or green patch areas as they are part of living walls. These planters can be used in both indoor and outdoor walls and can be used for planting vegetables, flowering plants and ferns. Another type of these wall mounted planters is biodegradable planters which are healthy planters. They come with in-built irrigation system which solves the problem of watering the plants manually. There are some hanging planters available too in the market which can be hung on the walls with the help of small plugs. 

Wall planters- vertical gardening ideas

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