(Wall planter,Vertical garden,Living wall,Green wall)
(Wall planter,Vertical garden,Living wall,Green wall)
(Wall planter,Vertical garden,Living wall,Green wall)

Reasons Why You Should Install a Living Wall in Your Home written by: breezeright

A living wall (also called green wall, vertical garden or ecowall) is a panel of plants grown vertically on a structure that is either freestanding or attached to a wall. The wall is highly versatile and can be installed inside or outside a home and customized for any space. The walls can also be fitted to new buildings and refurbishments. 

There are 3 basic types of living walls:

(a) Panel systems: Have plants pre-grown into panels and used either indoors or outdoors in any climate. Examples are Prowall and Sage.
(b) VersaWall: This is a tray system in which plants are pre-grown off-site and then inserted into an existing wall. This type of living wall offers a great degree of versatility and can be used to cover an entire surface or employed as a living art. They are extremely popular for indoor displays.
(c) Freestanding walls: These green walls are commonly used indoors and can be changed easily by either changing plants or changing their location.

What are the benefits of installing a living wall in your home?

(a) Living walls improve air quality: Plants naturally produce oxygen-rich air and use up carbon dioxide. They also clean the air around them by absorbing and removing pollutants such as particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide. The effects of toxins from furniture, décor and other household appliances, such as VOCs, formaldehyde, benzene, carbon monoxide and trichloroethylene are also greatly reduced by having green walls in your home.

(b) Living walls add beauty and splendor: A well-designed and flourishing living wall can immensely improve the appearance of a building by adding desirable color and texture. Each green wall can be designed using different kinds of plants, resulting in a living art inside a home.

(c) Living walls protect the structure of a building: With a green wall, you can protect your building from temperature fluctuations that cause materials in the structure to expand and contract, leading to deterioration, fissures and cracks. Similarly, the plants on the wall can divert water away from the walls during heavy rains and offer protection from ultra violet radiation.

(d) Green walls reduce energy costs: Both exterior and interior living walls actively cool air in the summer, reducing the need to cool buildings. Likewise, vertical gardens insulate buildings and reduce energy costs from heating a home during winter.

While vertical gardens

do not come cheap (start at around $50 per square foot), the cost has been dropping quickly with skyrocketing innovation. Today, you can spend as much as you spend on buying a new generator to install an eye-catching five-by-six-foot living wall. In fact, with good planning and research, you can install a wonderful green wall for fairly less.

However, before embarking on green wall installation, you need to consider its location thoroughly. Like any landscape, a living wall requires light to thrive and if you are planning of installing it indoors instead of on a pool deck or patio, then you will need a skylight or indirect light near the windows. If you want to reduce the cost of your green wall, you should pick a spot that is readily accessible and offers lots of light. Equally, because vertical gardens require lots of attention, you need to consider having a professional handle the installation and maintenance for you.

(Wall planter,Vertical garden,Living wall,Green wall)

All About Vertical Garden written by:

seeeep2 Gardening is a truly prominent action among many people, however you don't need to have a huge outside space to make a lovely garden. As more people set up home in downtown area pads, or in littler homes with constrained outside territories, vertical gardens have turned into a truly awesome arrangement. 

Vertical gardens

can be used in any size of outside space and are perfect for the individuals who need a beautiful garden yet who might not have an extensive garden. gardens are additionally simple to watch over, making them perfect for the individuals who lead occupied lives. 

Here at Keepos, we have practical experience in vertical gardens for an extensive variety of clients and the greater part of our vertical gardens are fast and easy to introduce in any size of space. Our vertical gardens are well known among people with restricted outside space who still need to have something beautiful to acknowledge, and they can be planted with a blossom or foliage. 

The majority of our garden are sold with everything a gardener needs to begin, including divider fixings and an interior watering system line that is bolstered with an exceptional vertical garden water tank. To make utilizing our vertical gardens as advantageous as could be allowed for those coming to us for a minimal and beautiful garden space, our vertical gardens can likewise be effortlessly fitted to a principle water supply. 

 To get your vertical gardens gadget looking awesome, all you need is a decision of plants and around ten liters of some great quality manure, which can without much of a stretch be purchased from any garden store or bigger grocery store. Every vertical gardens module can take up to 16 plants, and a couple one next to the other makes a truly dazzling look. 

And also being perfect for those with constrained outside space around their property, vertical gardens make awesome increases to lager gardens, outside seating territories around eateries and different spots including transport stations and taxi positions. 

We supply our vertical gardens to private purchasers and in addition commercial firms and nearby powers quick to make parts of a town or city look more dynamic.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Gardens Workshops 
         Now, let's examine the aspects to think about while doing some shopping. Whether it is on-line or offline, you have to get a shed that will tolerate the climate conditions within your area. Perhaps, you may need to secure your shed using storm shutters and panels. 
         Think about the things you will be putting in the shed, check what you have around and what you will want in the future. Purchasing a shed that is shorter than your tools might consume more space. Rather than providing room for everything, you will be having a difficult time working out how you can position them. To avoid this problem, better spare additional space, more than your tools, to make room for all sorts of things.
         Although color is a big issue for each and every homeowner, garden workshops and Suncast sheds are available in earthly shades to blend with the surrounding landscape. The fully lockable and airtight doors can keep your tools protected from harm and getting moist.

Why You Need A Living Wall Planter in Your Home Today written by: Vertical Garden

Truth be told; when we think of wall decor, the first thing that comes into our minds are picture and paintings. However, with the way things currently are; really, wall decor does not have to be limited to these items. The market is now packed with a good number of home decor accessories that can liven up a room and also bring that kind of garden motif into our homes and offices. A living wall planter can offer a more sophisticated and unique feature than the standard framed print we are all used to. To get you started, here is why you need to consider living wall planters today.

They are attractive (wall planter)

If you have seen these kinds of accessories before, really, you do not need to be told how they spruce up various places in your home. For instance, adding or even two on the wall of your home can make the wall and room more attractive. Many at times, most people use these to create a focal point in the room and also complement other decor on or ff the wall. As if that is not even enough; for the adventurous, there are quite a number of unique kits that can be found on the market. These help homeowner grow flowers, ferns and succulents right on their living room wall. These kits can in a myriad of ways bring a breath taking plants display to your home.

Versatility (Green wall)

The amount of versatility that comes with these accessories makes them worth every other consideration. For example, you can add your living wall planter to both exterior and interior wall of your home. By bringing them into your home, you can bring those dull walls and room back to life. Moreover, for a more spectacular look, you could also go ahead and add them to your decks, as well as, garden area to create the same effect. To sum it up, the versatility of wall planters makes them the perfect wall decor.

Can be used with or without plants (Living wall)

The original purpose of planters was to hold plants. Wall planters different somewhat; they are purely for decoration purposes. However, you can still add real or faux flowers to them if you want to enhance them further. Still, these home improvement accessories can also function perfectly well without the plants for their color and style can liven up any space in your home.

Sturdy and durable (Vertical Garden)

These wall planters are made using a variety of sturdy materials. Wood and metal are typically the most common ones. One of the main reasons why manufacturers use sturdy materials is to allow you to hang them both indoors and outdoors. In short, they are built to last.

 Overall, a living wall planter

is an important and attractive way to enhance any wall for any room of your home or even office. Living wall planters can change the entire feel and atmosphere of an area, bringing it to life and they add beauty and color. Although, they were originally made for plants, they are now being used for beauty.

(Wall planter,Vertical garden,Living wall,Green wall)

Vertical garden

The Major Benefits of Using a Wall Planter written by: viviyai If you are considering ways to spruce up the way some areas in your home appear like the walls both inside and outside your home, you should consider using Planters. A wall planter will provide an excellent solution to sprucing up the inside of your home as well as outdoors. Below are some of the benefits that you would stand to enjoy when you choose this method of décor over the others.

They make a surface to be more attractive wall planter

A wall planter is capable of transforming any place that it is used to become more attractive. You can add either one or two planters on the indoor or outdoor wall to make it more appealing. It is also possible to use them to create a focal point in any room. The planters could also be used as accents that complement the other décor on or even off your walls. You can also add more beauty to your wall by matching the containers of the planters to your interior décor or a certain color theme. 

They can be used with plants or without them wall planter

Wall planters were originally meant to hold live plants but due to the advancements in interior and outdoor décor, they can be used even to hold non-live plants. In this case, it is the containers themselves that are used to change the appearance of the house using their color. You could also seek to add some real foliage or faux flowers to enhance their appearance. This way your wall planters will be comprised of several colors that will be able to liven up any room or space they are used in. 

Versatility vertical garden

A wall planter can be used to decorate both your interior and also exterior walls. They are able to bring these walls to life as they appear dull and ugly without the wall planters. They can also be used in various other parts of your home like the garden, walkways, deck and also the patio to achieve the same effect of beauty. Their versatility makes them to be the perfect answer to carrying out any wall décor.

They are Sturdy wall planter

 There are various sturdy materials that are used to make a wall planter. The most common of these materials are metal and wood. These materials are able to withstand the prevailing weather conditions thereby enabling these planters to be used either inside or outside the house. This is a welcome relief especially now when we are living in harsh economic times as they last for longer. This makes it unnecessary to keep on replacing them every now and then. 

Easily Accessible vertical garden

Wall planters have also become easy to access as there are so many outlets dealing with them since home gardening and landscaping has become more popular over time. There are also various entrepreneurs who have made them easily accessible over the internet. This has made the whole process of acquiring them easy and from the comfort of your home. You will be able to browse through the various wall planters available. You can then check out the various designs as well materials used to make them before placing your order. 

All the above points above show the various benefits you stand to enjoy when you choose a wall planter as your preferred method of interior and exterior décor.

(Wall planter,Vertical garden,Living wall,Green wall)
(Wall planter,Vertical garden,Living wall,Green wall)
(Wall planter,Vertical garden,Living wall,Green wall)

Wall planter&Vertical Garden

(Wall planter,Vertical garden,Living wall,Green wall)
(Wall planter,Vertical garden,Living wall,Green wall)

Modular Livings is the brand aimed at improving your standard of living. Modular Living’s home and garden accessories are well designed with a modular concept which you can easily install, assemble and customize to your own desired look. Our product designs are  focusing on modern looks, functionality and premium quality. Our consumer’s will be able to decorate beautifully, easily and express their individuality in their home décor through Modular Livings.

What You Probably Didn’t Know About Green wall written by

 You have heard and read some much about green wall and having one in your home is something you are now giving some serious thoughts. However, being something you haven’t tried before you are now combing through several places looking for more valuable information on this trend. Well, to get you started, here is all you need to know about green walls.

What is green wall?

Also known as vertical garden or simply bio wall, a green wall is a garden that grow vertically and exist both on interior or exterior of a building. More often, the system comes with a growing medium that is encased by a very strong membrane holding the plants in while allowing for plant growth and irrigation.

Types of Green Walls

Climbing facades

Probably one of the most popular, one easy way to establish a green wall is to mimic the Mother Nature with the use simple climbing plants.Plants are usually established right at the ground or in suitable troughs right at the base of the area to be covered. It is after this that you can attach a sort of framework to the area to be covered for your plants to climb up and provide your wall with its green covering. To help plants climb up the wall, severalsystems have been designed some of them being trellises, wire mesh frames and steel cables among others.

Modular living walls 

Although this system used is more sophisticated than climbing facades, the final installation usually offer a more flexible solution in terms of functionality and aesthetic. There are hybrid solutions that exist, but the techniques are based around two main groups; hydroponic and Substrate.

             a) Hydroponic
Also known as soil less system, with this technique, plants are grown without any soil. Many at times, hydroponic system are usually grown on pre constructed panels before the vertical installation is done. A specialist growing medium is then used to offerroot support. Once the system is put in placeyour plants will continue to grow eventually covering up the structure.
          b) Substrate/ soil based
With this, molded troughs or containers attached to the existing walls are used. Planting is often supported by soil based substrates just like that used in green roofing

Why Your Need To Consider Green Walls

While applications do vary in size depending largely on your desires effect, available space and budget, they all come with common benefits to the homeowner. Here are to reasons whygreen walls is becoming very popular

Aesthetic appeal vertical garden
This, obviously, is one of the main reasons why many people are now embracing green walls. This type of wall can transform that dull house into an alluring and inviting home.

Reduced building maintenance
If you normally spend hundreds of dollars every single year just to make sure your home exterior look at its best; well, this type of wall is what you should be going for next. Green walls can help protect the exterior finishes and the masonry from rain and other harmful external effects. The also increase the air tightness and seal of the windows and doors by decreasing the effects of wind pressure.

Building structure protection
Lastly, did you know that a green wall is not only meant for aesthetic purposes? It also offers building protection by helping control climate. The planting on the wall prevent dramatic temperature fluctuations which in turn prevent your building from corrosion. Amazing isn’t?