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Wall Plant-Your Natural Healer
A metropolitan city attracts millions to it with the great amenities it has to offer. But, the environment there is far from healthy. You only can see rows of concrete buildings lined as far as your eyes can reach. However, a few modifications to your home will make it a better place to live in. One among them is having wall plants.

Benefits of a wall plant
Experts often advise; every urban home should have a living wall. It may happen that you may not be able to have a full-fledged garden. But, know that just a single plant will contribute a lot towards your well-being. Given below are a few things it can do for you.

It relieves stress
Research reveals that the sight of a beautiful flower relaxes one’s mind. It helps a person experience the inherent connection between the spirit and the nature. This is something no modern development can offer.

It reduces work-life pressure
Having a beautiful plant in your room helps you get rid of the discomforts akin to performance-oriented professional life. Quite naturally, you are able to minimize the number of leaves leading to improved productivity.

It decorates a room
A wall plant or garden is the best way to decorate a home. It will also act as a barrier allowing you to have privacy. This eliminates the negative effects of erecting a barrier between two homes.

It reduces your electricity bill
A wall plant cools the atmosphere of a room through a process called photosynthesis. This minimizes the need of using air conditioners. As a result your electricity bill gets lowered.

Wall plants cleanse the air
Wall plants if properly placed will break the vertical flow of air. This slows the flow of air in your home and the atmosphere becomes cleaner.

You protect the environment
When the air gets cooler and cleaner, you minimize the use of air conditioner.  This reduces the amount of greenhouse gases being emitted into the environment.

It boosts the economy
Installing a wall plant or garden is a task that requires professional assistance. Consequently, employment opportunities increase as living walls become popular. When combined with the increasing preference to local plants, economy of a country improves drastically.

Living wall reduces noise
Plants are used in roads to reduce noise. The same happens when you install a vertical garden in your office or home. Plants blocks sounds with high frequency. And, the structures that support minimize other noises.

It protects your building
Experiences teach that green walls extend the lifespan of a building. They also block ultraviolet rays from the sun.

Finally, it can serve as a temporary home for wildlife. It may happen that your birds might have lost their habitat during renovation.

Have at least a wall plant in your urban home. The initial investment may appear forbiddingly high. However, a cleaner air and a refreshing atmosphere definitely deserve everything you can afford. And, the lower utility bill will give you back all the money you spent within a few years.

​Wall Planter  Your Natural Healer

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