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Vertical Garden-Pros And Cons

Vertical Garden-Pros And Cons

A green wall or vertical garden is the God-send for millions living in small apartments. It lets them enjoy the health benefits home-grown vegetables and fruits offer. Besides, the atmosphere at home stays clean and cool. Here you grow plants in a downward or upward direction. Like everything else, this too has its own benefits and drawbacks.

Benefits of a vertical garden

A green wall is the easiest way to decorate a home. Have a few plants, research on how to grow them and do as per the recommendations. If you are experienced enough, you don’t have to hire a professional for the purpose. Decorating a home in any other manner is either time-consuming or forbiddingly expensive. When combined with the following few additional benefits, it becomes the favorite of urban life.

Living wall Your home stays clutter-free

A living wall is the most effective way to keep your home neat and organized. In a general situation, you may come across plants everywhere; on your window or on the table. When they settle down on a wall, you save space.

It becomes a vertical garden room

A structure like arbor creates the illusion of an outdoor garden. It implies that if you do properly, this becomes an outdoor enjoyment in the indoors. Here, you find yourself focusing on the beauty of the plants and look within.

It offers easy access Green wall

A green wall makes taking care of plants an easy job. You just have to replace the water contained in the containers. Most of them come packed with everything your garden need to stay healthy for some time. Harvesting gets easier. You don’t even have to worry about pesticides or other troubles. They are far above the ground.

It adds up to your property living wall

As you know, a living wall makes a home healthy and beautiful. Quite naturally, it gets an edge above its competition in the market. Be willing to spend a bit. You will get hundredfold in return.

A green wall improves productivity

A garden relaxes one’s mind. It also holds certain healing powers. Quite naturally, when it is there in an office, employees perform better.

No innovation is free from minor complications. Vertical gardens are not exceptions. Here are some issues you may face when growing a green wall.

Lack of freedom to choose
Vertical gardens restrict the growth of roots. You may manage to compensate for it with larger structures. But, even that is not going to help you get benefited from larger trees. Your choice will be limited to certain variety of plants.

It dies fast
Plants definitely need sunlight to grow. But, your vertical garden will meet a sudden death if it becomes too much. Make sure that you choose the materials and the area with care. If budget allows, entrust the task with a professional.

Growing a vertical garden is not a daunting task. The Internet abounds in information to help if you are not a professional. Still, approaching an expert is highly recommended so as to minimize complications.