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Gardens provide a great escape from the pollution and poor air supplies in the city but due to the paucity of space it is quite difficult to cut out areas for ground gardening and it is here that vertical gardens come to the rescue

What are living walls?

These walls are free-standing or attached vertical gardens which are added to the interiors or exteriors of the buildings. These self-sufficient walls come in different sizes and shapes and are built with the help of various materials such as loose soils, mat fibers, polyurethane sheets and concrete blocks. They have in-built irrigational and water recycling systems which help providing the needed nutrients to the plants planted in these vertical walls and the height of the walls too differ depending on the requirement.

Ways to build the green walls

There are mainly three ways in which these gardens can be built. In the first way the gardens or green walls are built by growing the plants on hanging wires, although an inexpensive method, it is a time consuming method as the plants take a long time to fill up the space. The second way includes building re-circulating irrigation system into the green frame made with the help of sheets which creates an air gap between the building walls and green wall so that the plants get proper nutrients and they grow fast.  The third method includes the usage of cages which are made of crushed bricks. The cages are planted with plant seeds and are hung with small plugs. They provide an effect which is very naturalistic and give a look of over grown ferns and mosses. 

Various benefits vertical garden

These green walls are highly beneficial for improving the air quality of the area surrounding the walls, both indoors and outdoors. They help in uplifting the mental health of the people who come in direct contact with this beautification in daily basis, such as the employees of an office building or individuals who have created these walls in their homes and also improve the overall health of the same people by providing good air circulation. These walls are very soothing to the eyes and provide an eye-pleasing look to the buildings. 

Functions of the Living walls

In the recent times living walls have gained a great prominence among the builders, architects and interior decorators especially in the urban environments because with the installation of these walls the overall temperatures of the building which sees a rise due to the insolation and radiation effect get reduced and the aesthetics of the buildings also get increased. 

The other functions of these walls include reuse of water and purification of lightly polluted water as they absorb the nutrients from the polluted water. The walls with the help of the bacteria present in them mineralize the polluted water and the organic components present in them are used by the plants.  

The walls are greatly used for beautifying the buildings, for urban agricultural and gardening purposes as they grow in vertical spaces and hence are ideal for fast growing and congested cities. These walls provide great remedies for the poor air qualities of the cities due to pollution. 

Living walls- feel alive with green Wall