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Live Healthy With A DIY Living Wall

A living wall or green wall is a beautiful addition to any home. It cleanses the air, refreshes and cools the atmosphere and provides a nutritious diet. However, designing one always remains a herculean task. When combined with the huge expenses involved, people simply shy away from opting for one. Fortunately, planting one is an easy thing at present. All you need is a DIY kit designed for the purpose.

The following is a brief overview of the most popular options available in the market.

Wally Gardening System
This is the one meant for someone wanting to minimize the impact on the environment. The kit is designed using recycled plastic. It encourages the flow of air and is easy to install. Create a pocket on the wall of your kitchen to grow a plant. You can also make a chain using the same. Attach it to a wood on the outdoor. It will create the impression of a space to enjoy in the company of nature.

Green succulent picture
Get the frame for a portrait; you can create a beautiful succulent picture. Fill the frame with the plants of your choice. You can also buy one if that is what you prefer.

Mason jar living wall

Getting a pesto to plant your garden is a great job. But, it is sure to be amazing if you acquire all its components in one jar. The design is meant for those wanting to keep a mini herb plantation at their disposal. Mount it on a wall and take good care of it.

Vertical garden succulent panel

The kit features panels to keep plants and soil in a panel. Mount one on your wall or combine as many as you want.

The palate
This too is great to grow plants in a small space. Generally meant for the places like balcony, it lets you relatively larger plants. You don’t even have to mount it on your wall. Just place the thing near it.

Hanging box
Try something unique that is sure to grab the eyeballs of your visitors. Just have a hanging box of flowers. The project is slightly complicated. You have to make sure that it has all the components; a bed, a French cleat, a frame and irrigation. If done well, this is the most stylish design you can get among vertical gardens.

Add wood as part of greenery
A wooden vertical garden is an ideal choice for someone looking for a rustic charm. It is true that there are lots of splendid designs. But, wood adds a touch of organic farming to your plants. The exciting thing here is that you don’t have to buy anything. The abandoned wood lying around your home would do fine.

Whatever is your choice structure, have patience with the plants. Allow them some time to settle in the environment and grow.

Have a living wall in your home. Your loved ones and friends would thank you for it! You will also ensure a healthy life for your family.

Live Healthy With A DIY Living Wall