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Guide to Designing a Vertical Garden

Vertical Garden

The time when space remained a concern for a nature-lover is long gone. In fact you can have a large beautiful garden even in front of a small home. All you need is a vertical garden design.

Begin your efforts here with decorating the entrance. It is true that garden is the thing that deserves utmost attention. But, a beautifully designed gateway is the best way to declare your personality. You will also invite visitors who are sure to admire your effort.

Combine it with the following tips. You will enjoy the refreshing beauty of nature all your life.

Living Wall

Ensure adequate sunshine
The first thing you need in a garden whatever is the purpose is sufficient sunlight. Inspect the vertical structure you plan to let the plants to spread on.  You should also make sure that the area where they stand offer adequate sunlight. Negligence here will affect their growth.

Adjust the height at regular intervals
You may need to trim your garden at times. Decide the height to which you want your refreshers of nature to reach. See to it that you won’t have any difficulty to get there. You should also offer additional support for heavier plants like fruits or vegetables.

Take care of your walls
Know that certain plants give off moisture. As a homeowner, you can never ignore this fact. Cover the wall in the area with plywood or something similar.

Water them well
Anything growing above the earth will need more water. Make sure that your plants are getting the water they need. Remember, this is a must especially for vegetables and decorative plants.

Get professional assistance
The advice applies to those going for plants available in well-established gardens. Install an irrigation system or hire a professional to do the job. When you do it, you not only protect plants, but also the environment. This happens because automatic irrigation uses less water when compared to its manual variant. You also avoid the disasters like soil erosion in the long run.

Types of vertical garden
Armed with these insights, you can go forward to the next step; determining your option. Given below is an overview of some of the popular choices here.

Pocket vouch: This is a type of container you can attach to your wall or hang on it. The vouch comes equipped with a well. A plant will stay healthy here for a time of two weeks.
Shelf: If pocket vouch is not the thing for you, you can try a shelf. Place the containers with the plants and enjoy the convenient beauty of a well-watered garden. Here, water drips to the bottom to nourish the plants therein.

You can also recycle your chest drawers for the purpose.

Do your own research online or seek recommendations from experts in the matter. Whatever is your choice, growing plants is a real boost for one’s overall health. A vertical garden eliminates the often-repeated excuse to remain lazy; lack of space!