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Green Wall-Tips On Maintenance

Vertical garden

is the brainchild of Stanley Hart White. The patent belongs to him. However, the name that the industry recognizes at present is that of Patrick Blanc. He built a few green walls in Musee du Quai Branly in Paris. From then on, he is regarded as the “godfather of vegetal walls.” The innovation also gave rise to a revolution that popularized the idea all over the world.

Maintaining a green wall
Planting a green or living wall is a breeze. If you are experienced enough, the process won’t take much time. But, hiring a professional is highly recommended if this is your first attempt. Once the garden is planted, it stays there for some time. Almost all structures come equipped with everything a vertical garden needs to survive for some time. Still, remembering these pointers will extend their lifespan.

Ensure a constant supply of water
Water is a must for anything with life to survive on earth. Plants are not exceptions. Inspect your garden’s irrigation system at regular intervals. Check the valves, timers and all other important parts of the mechanism. Contact a technician in the instance of any damage. If your budget allows, get an automated system. This will help you enjoy the refreshing presence of nature without getting dirty.

Don’t neglect feeding
It is true that vertical plant structures come packed with everything your garden need. However, don’t forget the fact that nutrients get exhausted when consumed. Inspect the system as often as you can. If you find that its diet-solution is about to finish, replace it. You can get it from your local store. Just see to it that the diet you choose is ideal for the type of plants you have.

Monitor it at regular intervals
If your plants are placed in an area where they are exposed to sunlight, they may dry out fast. Choose the materials and the plants with great care. You should practice utmost caution when choosing the color. Opt for the ones that reflect heat.

Don’t depend solely on cyclic maintenance
Don’t live under the wrong impression that the service person will take care of everything. Remember, cyclic maintenance is meant to take care of the infrastructure of the system. It is the homeowner who has to see to that the mechanism is working fine. If you need professional service for the same, you will need to pay for it.

Prune them at regular intervals
Prune dying leaves and other unwanted growths from a vertical garden for it to thrive. If it is a vegetable garden, harvest it as seasons demand. Don’t let them get rotten or over-grow. It will affect the health of your plants. At times, you may have to change the position of the structure. Check their health at regular intervals and do accordingly.

A green wall is the best way to cleanse and refresh an apartment. All it needs is a bit of care and protection.