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Green wall- a greener constructional outlook 

Understanding the concept of green wall

Walls which are partially or fully covered with natural plants and grass with the help of natural medium like soil and integrated water supply system are known as green walls. These greenery filled walls are also called vertical gardens or living walls. 

These walls can be a part of either the exterior of a building or in the interiors. They came in different sizes and can be fee-standing units or can be fitted to any already existing wall units. These walls have gained immense popularity in the recent times and they are used extensively by individuals, institutions and commercial companies for improving the aesthetics of their constructions.

There are many varieties of these walls available in the market which can be divided into the following types depending on the growing mediums on which the modular panels of these walls are constructed:

Loose soil as medium living wall

The first type of living walls are made of loose growing mediums in which the soil used for planting the greenery are either packed into a bag or are put on a shelf. Then these packed soils are fitted onto the panels of the wall units. There is a required replacement of the soil used as a medium in this type of wall, the soil has to be replaced once in a year when the greenery filled wall is projected outside and the soil replacement takes place in two years when placed inside. These walls are not more than 8 feet high and are best suited for the decors where greenery replacement takes place on yearly or seasonal basis.

Mats used as mediums
In this type of living walls, the plants are planted in coir fibered mats or in felt mats. This system of placing greenery on the wall is best suited for the indoor walls of a construction and preferably small plants with low heights are planted on them. This type of wall planter needs constant watering as mats cannot hold water for a long time and are best for small area space with low height. Many of these walls are fitted with a system of water re-circulation so that no problem of manual watering the plants occurs. Due to the additional set up these walls tend to be bit costly. 

Sheets used as mediums
One of the greatest innovations of the recent times in the field of living walls are the polyurethane sheets which are used for holding the wall plants for more than twenty years. This medium has an egg crate pattern and the irrigation system for watering the plant is placed in two lines between the sheets for watering the plants.

Structured or block medium
In this type the green wall is made up of strong concrete blocks which have the features of both loose and mat material mediums and are high on durability with a life span of ten to fifteen years. These blocks come in different sizes and have different shapes and various width thicknesses. They can be fitted on the high walls of any height depending on the plant type and water holding capacity. 

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