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Modular Livings is the brand aimed at improving your standard of living. Modular Living’s home and garden accessories are well designed with a modular concept which you can easily install, assemble and customize to your own desired look. Our product designs are  focusing on modern looks, functionality and premium quality. Our consumer’s will be able to decorate beautifully, easily and express their individuality in their home décor through Modular Livings.

Vertical Garden (Eco-Green)

It is important to constantly find new ways to add excitement to your garden through uniquely displaying your plants.  Instilled in the concept of ‘Vertical Garden’, wall planters offer home owners with a convenient, yet minimalistic way to beautifully show off your plants in a space saving manner!  Through the use of wall planters, you will be able to transform your plants to decorative art in a vertical garden setting! 

Let’s dig deeper into the Vertical Garden concept, something we here at Modular Livings, specialize in.  A vertical garden is a plant growing system that works vertically (bottom-up or top-down), where plants are usually placed in pots up against a wall. It is something efficient yet visually appeals to the eyes. There are many functional and visual benefits that a vertical garden system can create for your home: 

Space Maximization:  by having a vertical growing system (attached to a wall); it will allow you to utilize the remaining floor space for other purposes. This will allow your family more room to really spice up your garden! This is perfect for people living in apartments or condos, where space is limited, offering an efficient way to build your own garden. 

Accessibility & Convenience: Vertical gardens makes taking care of your plants a lot easier since the plants are lined up vertically, it makes accessing each individual plant a lot more convenient. You will be able to water, fertilizing, pruning each plant without damaging your back (from bending down).  

Increase of Privacy: The use of wall planters in a vertical garden can help build privacy through blocking certain open areas or unwanted space. Not only does it help create a sense of solitude, but through the use of plants, a serene and cozy environment is also created. 

Flexibility: Through instilling a vertical garden, there will be more space for you to grow a wide variety of plants with always having the option to switch it up effortlessly.  You will also have the option to hang up any other wall-based objects such as hanging baskets, frames to add more overall depth the vertical gardening. 

Enhanced Beauty: Vertical gardens are simple, yet extremely innovative and minimalistic. There are many options in terms of shapes, sizes, colors to design your ideal garden, allowing you to thoroughly enjoy your days! 

To prepare a vertical garden, one must first designate a specific area that is available for a garden. Then, an entrance/exit must be created along with the boundaries and edges of your garden.  Ideally, this garden should be placed next to any sort of vertical structure, offering a place to being your vertical garden.  From then you can select the right design of wall planters (that you prefer) to place all over your vertical garden. 

And here at Modular Livings, we offer more customized wall planters and accessories so you can design the planter of your dreams! Our wall planters are simple, easy to assemble and most importantly, customized to your personal liking.

Excitement to your vertical garden

(Wall planter,Vertical garden,Living wall,Green wall)