(Wall planter,Vertical garden,Living wall,Green wall)

Modular Livings is the brand aimed at improving your standard of living. Modular Living’s home and garden accessories are well designed with a modular concept which you can easily install, assemble and customize to your own desired look. Our product designs are  focusing on modern looks, functionality and premium quality. Our consumer’s will be able to decorate beautifully, easily and express their individuality in their home décor through Modular Livings.

(Wall planter,Vertical garden,Living wall,Green wall)

Living Wall

Another currently hot trend under vertical gardens

is Living Walls and Green Walls, which has taken the world by storm. As 93% of all Green Walls across the world have been constructed after 2007, this is an illustration of how popular these walls are.  A green wall, or a living wall, is a wall that is covered entirely with greenery with utilizing soil as the main growing medium. The Green Wall was first patented in 1938 by Stanley Hart White, who was the professor of Landscape Architecture. These walls can be seen across the world at residential properties, corporate offices, airports to even restaurants leveraging on the worldwide trend of being “green” and more health conscious.  

Green walls

differentiate from Green facades by the fact that the plants grow directly from the face of the wall compared to the base of the wall (façade).  Each Green Wall is consisting of modular panels that contain a growing medium based of the type of growth media being used. 

There are many different types of green walls, which are differentiated by the respected growth media utilized.

Loose Media (green wall):

Loose media is when soil is packed into a bag or shelf and is actually installed into the green wall. This media usually has to be replaced every 1-2 years depending on whether it is the external or internal system. 

Mat Media Green:

Usually made of coir fiber or felt mats, mat media is extremely thin layers that are placed into the green wall, mat media can support plants that range until 3-5 years age range.  Mat media is perfect for an indoor Green Wall as the potential to rip the mat is a lot less.

Sheet Media green wall:

Sheet media are made up of cell polyurethane that is semi-open, leveraging on an egg crate pattern that is attached to the green wall. Sheet media can support plants for over 20+ years. 

Structural Media (Wall planter):

Are structured growth medium “blocks” that are not lose at all. These blocks can be built into any size or shape, offering extreme flexibility. The amount of water capacity for each block can be flexible dependent on the plant wall itself, being able to support plants for 15 -20 years. 

Each type of green walls

is purely dependent on the growth media itself, offering a wide range of choices to align with the different consumer decisions.  Nonetheless, Green Walls (or Living Walls) can be utilized to reduce the overall temperature of the building along with the conservation of water. Green Walls are also very effective when in a condense city, due to the limitation of space, which results in an ideal location for these walls. Green Walls contains a lot of visual beauty and serenity, being the perfect “wallpaper” for your home! 

Here at Modular Livings,

we will assist you in creating your ideal Green Wall! We offer all the right tools and accessories to ensure that you have the most optimal experience in creating your own Green Walls.