(Wall planter,Vertical garden,Living wall,Green wall)
(Wall planter,Vertical garden,Living wall,Green wall)

Are you the one who love to have garden surrounding yourself?  You don't need to have a huge space to make a lovely garden. As more people set up home in downtown area, or in a limited space home, vertical gardens have turned into a great alternative.

Vertical garden

can fit in any space either outdoor or indoor. Vertical garden helps increase your green space. It is perfect for the one who wants a beautiful garden yet have small space. Vertical garden is easy to take care of, thus it is perfect for our busy lives.

Modular Livings

provides you everything you need for building a vertical garden. Our planter, VPlant, can be hung them on the wall or stack up on the floor. Our planter is total modular so you can easily build them in any sizes and layouts you want. Our planter, VPlant, has modern design. Using VPlant, you will promptly have a beautiful modern looking garden. Only thing you need to do is selecting plants you would like to grow.

We have a lot of experience in creating vertical garden.

We have worked with several landscapers to build the vertical gardens for their projects. We have also worked with many consumers to help them create the vertical gardens in their homes. If you have any questions regarding to vertical garden, please feel free to contact us.